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Art inspired by the Sonoran Desert

clay sculpture

Art to enhance your home and garden

I'm an Arizona native with a profound love for my unique home, the Sonoran Desert.  My work is inspired by the region's plants, animals, legends, mystery, and magic.


Peaceful, whimsical. or provocative, this is art from my heart. Through stoneware, I aim to capture the essence of humanity and our relationship with the natural world.  You are invited to contemplate themes of peacefulness and connection and to feel calm, joy, and serenity.

Drawn to interesting faces and themes of contrast, I like to explore the harmony between opposing elements such as smooth and rough, land and sea, and human and animal. The process of creating something entirely new, born from imagination and now existing in physical form, fuels my passion for sculpting relationships we can all relate to, as well as evoking unique and fantastical beings.

My technique combines the knowledge gained from renowned artists and self-taught skills. I hope you find an emotional connection with this work, that it evokes a sense of wonder and you feel welcome into a world where the boundaries of reality and imagination blur. 

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